Digitalization for small and medium businesses

Through accessing the European funding for small and medium companies your business can undertake the task of digitalization by obtaining between €30,000 and €100,000. DreamOnIT helps you through the application process by creating the documentation and projects necessary, as well as implementing them once the funding has been approved

Implementing and developing Bitrix24

With Bitrix24 we can integrate the optimal solutions for your business through the multiple modules offered. Our projects focus on the online aspect of a business and how to better evolve them using the Bitrix24 platform.

Among our clients are online schools, business development companies and production industries

ERP and MRP systems

SoftOne Technologies is one of the main ERP providers for small, medium and large organizations in south-eastern Europe. Our projects helped industries such as bakery, beauty and care and others

Portal x

PortalX is an easy to use solution, perfect for the digitalization of any business model. An innovative solution which can be replicated at any level in all domains of activity