About Us

DreamOnIT is a young team with a modern outlook on the high standards of business and infrastructure ensuring the security and availability of data. We saw the rise in the usage of online services in Romania, on desktops, but especially, on mobile devices, thus deciding to be your best solution for any IT needs.

Why DreamOnIT?

You might be wondering why you would choose us. DreamOnIT represents the optimal solution for digitalization, continuous improvement and business efficiency managed through multiple avenues, such as Portal X, a tool which allows businesses to organize their departments digitally, and the IT department which guarantees excellence through a wide array of software and Hardware services.

The problem of digitalization in the Romanian market

Currently there are approx. 500,000 small and medium businesses registered. Considering the recent change in the professional life of everyone (remote work), digitalization has become a major challenge for most companies which were unable to adapt. As such we create solutions meant to support these establishments through our wide variety of hardware and software IT services and business development consultancy. Our wish is to help all employees easily adapt to any condition.

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